Video Demonstration of Restoration Carpet Cleaning in OKC

If Restoration Carpet Cleaning in OKC (AKA Deep Carpet Cleaning) is what you are looking for, you found us. There are no better Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies providing Carpet Cleaning to OKC. Sure there are many carpet cleaners in OKC. Most do a great job, provide excellent customer service, and always strive for the client to get the best experience ever. However, none of them does it better than Citro’s Carpet Cops. As you may know, Carpet Cleaning is not rocket science. There are a thousand different ways to clean your carpet. While each method has it’s positive and negative aspects, there are specific steps for each technique that must be followed. Especially if the carpet being cleaned is so dirty that it needs a Restoration Carpet Cleaning

Therefore, when looking for a carpet cleaner in OKC, not only should you be looking for the best method, but you should also be looking for a carpet cleaner in OKC that will do what the technique they use requires to be done. By far, the most recommended way of carpet cleaning is Hot Water Extraction, the method we use to clean carpet OKC.

Recommendations are great, but PROOF is better!

As you watch these videos of us Deep cleaning carpet in OKC, keep in mind that when cleaning carpet, sometimes using standard techniques to clean carpet is not enough. When that happens, we use additional techniques to restore the carpet. In this case, it was just a matter of going a lot slower when we extract the carpet. Therefore, we spent a lot more time on this job than usual. Usually, a room this size will take about an hour start to finish. It took 4 hours to clean this room. So, that room is going to cost more to clean than it would have if it had been cleaned more often. Also, the carpet will wear out much sooner, and in the end, it will cost a lot more to replace it than if it had been cleaned on a regular schedule.

Having said that, what can you expect from us when we clean your carpet?

Follow this link to Our 5 Step Cleaning Process, and you will see we do a more thorough job than most other Restoration Carpet Cleaning Companies in OKC. Also, keep in mind, while in most cases, we can get the carpet as clean as these show not all carpets are going to come as clean as this one. Some carpets will never look like they have been cleaned.

Video Proof That Yes We Can Clean Carpets That Are This Dirty

We shot this carpet cleaning video at a client’s house after the May 20th, 2013 Tornado. I mentioned in the video that it had been three months since I cleaned their carpet. However, it had been three years since I cleaned their carpets. So a big difference there.  As you can see, this was a Restoration carpet cleaning and it came out beautifully.

This is the first video I made using the Rotovac to clean carpet in OKC. I cleaned a small spot first. Then Julie, my wife, said I should make a video of cleaning the carpet. Then put it on YouTube. So that is where the clean spot you see came from. Kind of gave away the surprise but still a good video. It does not sound like I am talking very loud, but I sure thought I was.

What does the video show?

What the videos above show is that a carpet that would have been thrown away as uncleanable just a few years ago, can be cleaned using the Rotovac. We call it a Restoration Carpet Cleaning. In the first video, you can see a carpet that has been completely restored to almost new looking condition. However, in the second video, we tried to do a restoration carpet cleaning, but it was just to dirty to get completely clean. Sometimes that happens, and there is no way to know how much of the dirt will come out, so if your carpet is as dirty as these and you are debating between cleaning and replacement keep that in mind.

A Restoration Cleaning: