Our Carpet Cleaning Deals always include all of our 5 Step Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Process

Not all carpet cleaning specials are the same. Because, regarding price, EVERYONE who has a carpet cleaning company knows the lower you go the more jobs you’ll get. They also know: once you’re in the home it is usually pretty easy to up-sell the job. What if the client doesn’t buy the extra stuff? Well in that case the technician can always skip steps and speed the job up. So they can get to the next one. Even worse, sometimes they skip steps anyway.

So, when a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company offers carpet cleaning specials or “Deals” they have a decisions to make. Are they are going to offer a carpet cleaning deal so low they have to skip steps. We are not going to skip any steps! But that means we are also not going to be in the “Cheap” range. So here is what our carpet cleaning deal is:

Carpet Cleaning Special: Get Three Areas of Carpet Cleaned For $125

Details about the Carpet Cleaning Deal are at the bottom of the page

What Can You Expect From Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

“Reasonable rates, cleans the carpet very good, spots, deodorizes it and it’s not real wet when he’s done.

-Anita Shaw, Oklahoma City

“He does a thorough professional job of carpet cleaning”

– Toni Mata- OKC

The Best Carpet Cleaning Deals Have A Guarantee. Here Is Our Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee For All The Professional Cleaning Services We Offer:

If we clean your Carpets, Tile and Grout, Upholstery, Mattresses, Wood Floor or any other service we offer, and you are not thoroughly thrilled with what we did. We will come back and do it again. Then, If you still are not happy we will refund your money and make a $50 donation to the charity of your choice.

Our 5 Step Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Process:

We use a Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction System. Which is what most Carpet Manufacturers recommend as the most effective method for carpet cleaning. Using this method we have two ways we extract your carpet. First, there is the regular scrub wand. We use the scrub wand to spray a rinsing agent onto the carpet and then we extract the rinsing agent, pretreatment, dirt, slime, grime and livestock that’s seeping, creeping and galloping through your carpet.

However, sometimes the carpet has dark traffic lanes and for those we use the Rotovac which you can see in the video above. The Rotovac has two cleaning heads that spin at 750 rpm, so if you do the math, it sprays and extracts the carpet 37.5 times a second. Therefore, it goes over the carpet many more times than we could possibly do with the regular Scrub Wand. Since the Rotovac goes over your carpet so much, it uses more water than the Scrub Wand. Which means usually when we use the Rotovac the carpet will take about a day to dry. Because of that we only use it when needed, right tool for the right job kind of thing, and if we do use the Rotovac we don’t charge extra for it even when you take advantage of our carpet cleaning specials.

Here is what we’ll do:

  • 1. Vacuum: First we vacuum all of the carpet we are cleaning with a high quality vacuum cleaner. Which is important to do because vacuuming removes the non-soluble dirt and it stands the carpet fibers up so the next step is more effective.
  • 2. Pretreating: Pretreating carpet is like pretreating laundry, you have to let the chemical sit there for a little bit to loosen the dirt. Also since the carpet fibers are standing up after vacuuming the pretreatment will get deeper in the carpet to loosen and suspend the really deep down dirt. Most stains do not need to be treated individually but certain stains do, like: Urine, Wine, or Blood, Tar, and Gum. At this point we will treat them so they can be more easily removed later.
  • 3. Extraction: When we extract the carpet we use a no residue rinsing agent that helps rinse out the pretreatment along with the dirt making sure there’s nothing left behind except clean carpet. While extracting the carpet we make sure to overlap every stroke so that every square inch of carpet gets thoroughly cleaned.
  • 4. Spot & Stain Removal: Most spots and stains are removed with our regular cleaning process, if there are any left after we extract we will try to get them out and for the most part they will, but not all stains come out.
  • 5. Groom: Finally we Groom the carpet, also called “Finishing”. We reset the carpet pile so it is standing straight up to speed the drying process.

We Are Fully Bonded And Insured

Sometimes bad things happen and there is nothing that can be done about that except to be as prepared as possible. That means having insurance and we are covered. We have all the insurance you would expect from a company that is sincere about giving you the quality service you are looking for.

Carpet Cleaning Deal Details:

Deal details: This Special is for any Three Areas up to 500 square feet for all areas combined. Extra square feet and/or additional rooms are 30 cents per square foot. Combination rooms or dual purpose rooms count as two rooms. There may be an extra charge for moving heavy furniture.

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