Carpet Cleaning Scams

There aren’t many things worse than paying good money to get a service like carpet cleaning and ending up with nothing but a dirty, wet carpet. There are many things that a dishonest person can do when cleaning carpet to rip people off. They get away with it because people just don’t know that they have been taken. So we are listing some of the things that you need to look out for. This is not a complete list, by any means, but it is meant to give you an idea of the kind of things to look out for.

Get Your Whole House Cleaned For $100.00

I am sure to some people this sounds like a fair price. But if you know what it costs do the job, do the job right anyway, there is just no way to do it for that price. The idea here is to just “get in the house” once they are in your home they will try to get you to pay for some “extra” things. Usually the extra things are things that should be included in the price. For example a popular scam is to say something like:

“Your carpets are really pretty dirty and in order to clean them we will have to used the(super expensive) “special Chemical”as a pre-treatment(or something to that effect) if we don’t use this pre-treatment then the carpets won’t come clean (or they will get dirty faster)” 

Then they hit you with a few hundred dollars extra added to the bill.

So now, they have bumped the price up a couple hundred dollars and of course now they are making some money but because they have nine other people who think they’re going to get their houses cleaned for a $100 they still can’t spend a lot of time at your house.

Pre-treating the traffic lanes is something that should always done (it is what actually removes the dirt) but, it isn’t something that a reputable company would create a separate charge for. The most expensive traffic lane cleaner I can find costs less than a penny per sq. ft. to use so there is just no reason to charge extra for it. 

Now that you are agreed to pay a lot of money you certainly want the carpet to stay clean. They know it and will come to you and say:

“If you don’t get the Carpet Protector applied to your carpet all of the stains will come back.”

This is an out right lie. All carpet protectors are designed to make the carpet stay cleaner longer, aid in spot and stain removal, and lessen the amount of dirt the carpet holds on to. Applying carpet protector isn’t going to stop stains from returning, for the most part. Having said that, you need to know some carpet protectors have a chemical to limit wicking, which is one causes of reappearing stains, but there is no guarantee if you get a carpet protector applied to your carpet none of the stains will come back. Nor is there a guarantee if you do not get a carpet protector applied to your carpet the stains will come back. Don’t trust a carpet cleaner who tells you this.

In the end there is one of two things that happened 1. You paid only $100 and got dirty wet carpet. 2. You paid possibly hundreds of dollars more than expected and quite possibly still got dirty wet carpet. So, as you are looking for a carpet cleaner skip the ones who charge a flat rate for the whole house and the ones that seem to be to good to be true. In the end you’ll be glad you did.

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